Customer Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our customers are saying about revitalU coffee

I’ve been taking RevitalU Smart Rich Coffee for just over two weeks now & I feel great! I’m far more motivated with lots more energy. I cant say I have lost weight yet, although my weight has definitely stabilised, where as before it would vary by up to 5lbs it now seems to be consistently at my lowest weight which is a good start
& in itself makes me feel lots happier about myself. My appetite has most definitely decreased, so that combined with being more energetic surely must lead to weightloss eventually? Also I’m sleeping much better but that could be down to the extra activity! Maybe I won’t be returning the coffee before 30 days to get my money back after all!” Jo, Derbyshire

RevitalU - Before and After 1

Thanks, Rich! I will be ordering a tub soon – I felt fantastic yesterday.  I had my 2nd cup today with breakfast at 8am and hit the crosstrainer for 45 minutes. It’s now after 3pm and I’m still not even hungry – it’s been a godsend considering it’s Easter!” Sophie, Manchester

RevitalU - Before and After 2

It was my partner who suggested I needed a bit of a lift in my day to day life. I wasn’t looking to loose weight but what she was saying about this coffee made me think. I started with my FREE 3 Samples (what a great idea!) I immediately felt better, more focused and mentally alert. It gave me a nice tingle too. I generally felt more energetic and full of life. RevitalU coffee even made me sleep better. I have now started on the 30 day tubs and I am about 2 weeks into it at the moment. I will not look back!” Rich, Nottinghamshire